Ps Jeff – 1st April 2020

Here is a short mid-week video from Ps Jeff.

Please comment and say hello

  1. Aub and Kym Albrecht
  2. Jeff McGregor

    I tried to change to the rating but was unable to do so, thanks for the comment and i hope…

  3. Aub and Kym Albrecht
  4. Aub and Kym Albrecht
  5. Kym Albrecht

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Neta Smith
1 year ago

Thanks Pastor Jeff, good to see a “live” face and hear a “live” voice. Thanks for Sundays sermon preview. Off to read it.

Bill Staben
1 year ago

Hi Pastor Geoff thanks for the contact we look forward to your blogs, we are praying for you Emma and kids that you will soon be in your home, God bless from Bill and Christine Staben.