Living Waters is committed to reaching those outside of our immediate community for Jesus.





Matt and Rebekah are ACCI fieldworkers in the country of Georgia, a small ex-soviet nation situated in the Caucasus region between Russia and Turkey. Their family has been in Georgia since 2017, and they live in the city of Batumi, on the Black Sea. They are committed to long-term ministry in the country of Georgia. They have three children: James, Samuel and Josie.

Matt and Rebekah pastor a bilingual church in Batumi with an outreach focus to people from a range of backgrounds and ethnic groups.

Matt and Rebekah also lead a part-time school for children and women of the Kurdish community of Batumi. The Kurds are a large unreached people spread across a number of countries in the region, including Iraq, Turkey and Azerbaijan. These families in Batumi have a lifestyle of begging and their children are not able to go to regular school. They have a generational culture of begging, so in reality the children are victims of familial labour-trafficking. Our school is a long-term intervention strategy aimed at both children and their parents. We also offer basic literacy and numeracy classes and regularly share the gospel with them through biblical story-telling. The Kurdish value our centre as a place where they experience acceptance and love.