COVID-19 Update 16th June 2020

The leadership is excited to announce that church services will resume at Living Waters from this Sunday, June 21

Brilliant, exciting, wonderful news!


An update from Churches of Christ SA & NT advises

‘…stage 3 recovery from June 19 to June 29; you will be able to have up to 75 people per room and a total of 300 people on site for events at your church’

This means that we can attend church in our building!!!

Please read the following carefully and entirely to familiarise yourself with how church service will be conducted

  • Church service starts at the normal time of 10 am.
  •  Car parking will remain the same; as always please remember to look out for children in the car park and in deference to the elderly and frail, leave spaces closest the entry for them.
  • Door welcomers (this week Frank and Lesley Gathercole) please ensure that everyone who enters (adults) signs in and sanitises their hands. Parents please also add your children’s names to the sign in sheet
  • Parents should be conscious of ensuring that their children’s hands are also sanitised.
  • Sign in sheets and sanitiser will be available at the entries.
  • There will be two entry / exit points: ‘emergency door’ and foyer door.
  • Social distancing rule of 1.5 m is still in place.
  • Please refrain from hugging / kissing and shaking of hands (elbow bumps are acceptable).
  • Due to social distancing we will have provision for a total of 40 people in the worship area and total of 40 in the fellowship area (with the 4sqm rule in play).
  • If you enter the auditorium from the ‘emergency door’ you must exit from this door.
  • If you enter the from the foyer entrance you must exit from the foyer door.
  • Worship: the team will be playing, those seated in the foyer will be able to join in the worship with the aid of the foyer screen.
  • Communion message: due to restrictions around providing sealed communion cups we ask that you please bring your own communion biscuit and juice. STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL we are not licenced!
  • Offering: If you are bringing cash with you, we prefer you bring it in an envelope.
  • The ushers will collect the offering in the normal way (ushers this week are Emmanuel Amaechi, Richard Wood, Grant and Tracy Jones, Nelia Paloma and Kate Symonds)                                                       
  • If you are unavailable please arrange your replacement.
  • Announcements: will be on screen.
  • Sermon message: Pastor Jeff is very excited that he will be delivering his first official message this Sunday.
  • Refreshments after the service: Two urns will be operating, one in the kitchen for those who are seated in the auditorium and one in the fellowship area for those seated in the foyer.                                                                                          
  • Disposable cups with be prepared ahead of time and the hospitality team will assist with taking your drink order and  serving this to you (thank you Amaechi family) to minimise wait time and cross contamination.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • NO FOOD will be served. If you wish to bring your own snacks ( for children or those with medical conditions) you are welcome to do so. Please take your dishes home with you.
  • Money counters: Please sanitise your hands after handling monies (or alternately, wear disposable gloves; we can provide gloves for you)
  • If you need to cough or sneeze in church service please use your hankie, tissue or elbow to cover your nose/ mouth
  • If you are unwell or caring for, or in contact with someone who is unwell, please do not attend church!
  • If you prefer not to attend church at this time for whatever reason, we understand: know that your church family loves you and we await the day we can see you in ‘normal’ circumstances.
  • Church service will be live streamed for those who wish not to attend: go to  and click on the relevant link for Sunday Service

For any clarification on the above points or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Jeff, the Elders or Karina.

Looking forward to seeing you all!!!!